top left to bottom right: 1. Toast clothing linen dress 2. Eva Richardson Basket, 2008 larapuna 3. Sand dunes 4. Franz Armchair found on 5. natural soil tones from the earth 6. nature trees found in byron bay 7. linen dress 8. Emily Kame Kngwarreye - Ntange I found on 9. Hasami Porcelain 10. Maland Woven Leather Dining Chair found on

top left to bottom right: 1. soft linen natural raw tones of a sweet retreat in the moutains 2. pamper tracing maps Litoral woven basket #0226 3. 4. Nepal mountains clairestelleprintshop 5. The smooth feel and natural soothing tones of river stones 6. a beautiful drift wooden centrepiece 7. found objects on a beach in byron bay 8. the waters edge purifies my soul

top left to bottom right: 1. john lennon, his music, found on 2. together in a field, sun, moon and stars above us, surrounded by mountains, moving together, found on 3. Beautiful, simple drawing that says it all 4. Matisse cut-outs Annelies Nelck found on 5. The designs of Marimekko Unikko, this print found on 6. Matisse style Footed Vase, love the colour & shapes, found on