Australian Artist - Botanical prints

05/11 - Australian Artist - Botanical prints

I LOVE DRAWING! Looking to nature for grounding and resetting my mind and body. Can you feel it?!  Currently working on a new series called 'Forest bathing' coming soon x     

Botancials Artist Brisbane

22/10 - Botancials Artist Brisbane

Enjoying the process! - So friendly, inviting and playful! I LOVE grabbing just a few moments when I can to have fun and be playful, drawing these fun, elegant and organic shapes derived from my mind and the flow of the pencil...      

Drawing and Illustration artist - Brisbane

31/01 - Drawing and Illustration artist - Brisbane

Creating! On a beautiful balmy day in Brissy. The birds are chirping and the trees are humming, what a great day to be alive! This is a snippet of new things to come in the print shop! Very exciting!

Photographic Print Shop - Clair Estelle Photographic Prints

25/03 - Photographic Print Shop - Clair Estelle Photographic Prints

Hello everyone, I guess we are all processing how we feel about this pandemic in different ways. My little family of 4 people in Brisbane are ready to stay at home for a little while. I still feel a little sadness of it all, the disconnection within humanity but time will heal us and we will get through this wave of mother nature flexing her all might power. What a time, right now, to be alive on this earth!.Clair Estelle Print Shop has been operating as a home based Business for over the past 10 years and will continue to...

new york print

28/02 - new york print

MANHATTAN COFFEE ~ "New York I love you" Black & White prints created whilst documenting the street of Lower Manhattan.… have experienced the city that is New York? More to be viewed in the 'World Travel' Series.