Canvas artworks brisbane - new series ahead!

27/10 - Canvas artworks brisbane - new series ahead!

CREATING is all about layers for me! Layers of time and growth through the drawings until I finally feel excited and ready to trace the shapes and add colour!      

Floral colourful artwork / canvas prints

02/11 - Floral colourful artwork / canvas prints

BEAUTIFUL CANVAS PRINTS available now for all artwork designs from the Lux Botanica series! Professionally framed in oak to the highest of standards and posted to your door! I feel so excited about this framing option for my current and future digital botanical artworks. Many creations lay ahead! Take care and embrace the day, whatever the moment brings you x x

Photographic prints for a coastal home

06/11 - Photographic prints for a coastal home

Another big week with photographic prints going out far and wide ~ here is a sneak peak of a few photographic print choices made by my customers for their special homes and work spaces. A bit of a coastal Byron Bay & coastal New Zealand feel this week x  

Photographic prints this week

27/10 - Photographic prints this week

Some of the orders going out this week ~ I love seeing the prints that people curate for their private spaces in their very special homes and places of work. Creating is so much more than a job for me, it's a way of making peace, a form of self expression and a special part of my life. New Zealand, Morocco & Byron Bay shown within this collection x  

moroccan print Marrakesh print

27/02 - moroccan print Marrakesh print

Client feedback: " I will forever be in love with this @clairestelleprintshop Marrakech print. I love the shadow of the date palm and the colours are perfection. Her work is incredible! I also love how the shadow play on the walls of the lower right hand side look like there is a lion in the corner. Can anyone else see it or is it just me? Lol" This Photographic Print is part of the 'World Travel' Series available via the print shop.